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best coffee maker

Make The Richest Coffee You’ve Ever Tasted With AeroPress

Every morning, we fill our AeroPress and brew what we think is the world’s richest, most flavorful coffee. Connoisseurs can debate the finer points of pour-over versus French press, but our choice is the American made AeroPress. Invented by a Stanford professor, this method makes coffee with low acidity and without bitterness or grit, all in about one minute. Try an AeroPress and discover rich coffee flavor, perhaps the best you’ve ever tasted. Designed and manufactured in USA from eco-friendly, recyclable materials. Highly recommended. Find it at Amazon…

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best gift for beer lover

The Ultimate Gift Set For The Beer Lover

Each Ultimate Pint Glass has over 100 individual “nucleation points” laser-etched on the bottom, which give the CO2 bubbles a place to grip and then release constantly while you drink. The smaller bottom is perfect to hold and reduces heat transfer from your hand, the bowl shape allows the beer to “open up” and the wider lip makes it both easier to drink and allows the aroma to float to your nose. Sold singly or in a six pack (each of the six glasses has a different name so you can tell whose is whose). Bonus: These glasses stack for better storage. Perfect gift for the beer lover! Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

perfect gift for coffee lover

Our Favorite American Biscotti – Made in New Jersey

There’s a reason Barnett’s Biscotti gets so many five star reviews – their homemade baked goods are delicious. Straight out of New Jersey come these Yum Yum Gourmet Biscotti Treats. Whatever you do, don’t attempt to sample any or you’ll find you can’t stop at eating just one. Gourmet biscotti are perfect with hot coffee or in the evening with a glass of wine. This variety gift pack comes in a handsome looking package, but tastes even better. Made from all natural ingredients – no additives, no preservatives and no trans-fats. Highly recommended. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

American made bottle opener

The Drop Catch Opener

The Drop Catch Opener feels like a little magic trick every time you open a beer. Pop the top off your next beer and watch the cap drop and stop by a powerful hidden magnet. During a party it’s fun to see all the different caps that collect. Adults love it. Kids love it. Beer drinking pigs love it (yeah, they’re real). Made of stainless steel, American walnut hardwood and finished in lacquer. Mounts magnetically in seconds to your fridge (or any steel surface) or simply screw to a wall. Built by hand in Chicago. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

best American made blender

Our Amazing (U.S. Made) Blender

This Vitamix 750 Blender sits on our kitchen counter. The blades spin so fast it will bring cold ingredients to steaming hot in 6 minutes. We use it almost every day. It was expensive, but it’s awesome. Smooth, sturdy, fast and quiet. We own a Ninja and the Vitamix wins in every way – even cleaning it is easier. The Vitamix is a splurge for sure, but you won’t regret owning it. This amazing machine… makes ice cream, grinds coffee, kneads pizza dough, whips dressings and makes smoothies too. Designed and manufactured in Ohio. Editors’ Choice. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

made in usa gift

A Fun Gift For The Mancave

If you’re a wrench monkey like us, you’ll love The Craftsman Bottle Cap Wrench Opener. We have one of these in the shop, it hangs on a peg ready for action at the end of a long day. Everyone smiles when they pop off a bottle top because it’s such overkill. It’s real, it’s shiny, it’s steel, it’s heavy, it’s over-built, it’s Craftsman tough and it’s guaranteed for life… like all Craftsman tools. Made here in the USA. A great gift for any garage, mancave or for Father’s Day too. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

best made in usa ice cream scoop

The All American Scoop

As a kid, you may remember seeing a Classic Zeroll Scoop as you peered over the counter in the local ice cream parlor. They’re highly favored by the pros because they’re simply the best made. The special liquid in the handle transfers heat from your hand to smoothly slice out a scoop of ice cream. The large handle is comfortable and easily cuts into hard ice cream to pull perfectly round scoops every time. No parts to break and easy to clean too. Got an ice cream lover on your list? Try the Zerrol 1020 size which creates the perfect size sphere. Made in Florida. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

gin making kit

The Homemade Gin Kit

Make your own custom batch of gin! How fun is that? The Homemade Gin Kit is a 6-piece set that claims you can, “Make Ridiculously Delicious Gin At Home”. We would agree that it’s a fun process and the gin has what we’d describe as an “interestingly good taste”. To make gin you choose a vodka as a base – we prefer Deep Eddy or Titos, but any will do. Then follow the directions for juniper berries and botanicals. Makes for a great gift for the bartender or spirits lover. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

best usa whiskey glass

The Perfect Rocks Glass

The perfect whiskey glass, perfect weight and size that fits nicely in your hand. Each Integrity Bottles American Flag Whiskey Glass is sand-carved by hand with a deep etching that will never wear off, fade or wash off in the dishwasher. These USA made whiskey glasses also fit spherical ice balls, which slow down the dilution of your precious whiskey, bourbon or scotch. Great gift for the Veteran, 4th of July party or backyard BBQ. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

best gift made in usa

The Best Hot Sauce Collection

Give the gift of The Good Hurt Hot Sauce Collection and everyone has fun. Try seven delicious hot sauces from subtle Garlic Herb (our favorite) on up to scorching melt-your-face-off Ghost Pepper (be careful).  There’s Chipotle Pepper for tacos, Smokey Bourbon for BBQ, Garlic Herb for Pizza, Garlic Pepper for Wings, and Cayenne Pepper for eggs. A Flavor for every food! Clever packaging make it look like sticks of dynamite. A great gift for the foodie that’s made in USA. Find it at Amazon…

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good gift for a man

The Perfect Beer Lover Gift

Brew your own beer the real way (with mash, sparge and wort.) The Brooklyn Brew Shop’s Beer Making Kit is a truly fun experience. Learn the process and make beer in about 3 hours, plus 2 weeks for fermentation. Makes one gallon or about 9 bottles. Use your own bottles or grab this reusable 6 pack (Don’t worry, six is enough, we mysteriously lost a few bottles in “quality control”). A highly recommended and reusable gift for men made in the USA. We recommend the IPA. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

gift for patriots fab

The American Made Tumbler

Love football, baseball, fishing and America? There’s a USA Made Tervis Tumbler for you. Rugged, stylish, keeps drinks cold or hot. Great gifts for guys. These glasses resist sweating too, which means no water rings on your furniture. Well worth the cost. At the end of the day these will keep ice in your drink for hours, really. We use them daily and highly recommend. Lifetime Warranty. Made in USA. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

best flask for camping

Our Favorite Flask Made in America

The Nalgene 12 Oz Flask is the best flask for many reasons. First, you can actually see if it’s clean – unlike most flasks. Second, the sheath comes off so you can mix drinks in it or use it like a cup. What other flask allows you to use the exterior to mix a rum and coke? Third, the top doubles as a shot glass. Fourth, the material won’t taint the contents because it’s BPA-free and made of PET. Fifth, it is leak proof. Sixth, it is made here in the USA (most flasks are made in China). Choose red or blue, or support America and buy one of each. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

calavera gifts for men

The Calavera Flatware Set

A man has to eat. Why not get him some handsome tools? The Calavera (Skull) Flatware Set by Liberty has a decorative skull pattern on one side for a look that is both rugged and sophisticated. Skull art began in pre-Columbian times and was used to represented rebirth. In the 20th century it was made famous by José Guadalupe Posada and is seen on celebrations for Day of the Dead and All Souls Day (Nov 2nd). Liberty Tabletop flatware is made from the finest quality 18-10 stainless steel and designed to last a lifetime. Heavy weight, good balance, 25 year manufacturers warranty. Manufactured 100% in Sherrill, NY. Perfect gift for the man in your life. In fact, he’ll think of you everyday. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

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