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Best Punching Bag

The Best Punching Bag Made In The USA

Every guy secretly wants a punching bag – we finally bought one and it’s an awesome workout. In only 10 minutes you’ll be entirely winded, your arms and shoulders will feel the burn and your boxing skills will have greatly improved. Everlast is a top name and the Everlast PowerCore Bag is their best value and comes pre-filled in either an 80 or 100 lb. option (we have the 100 pounder). Keep in mind, he’ll need boxing gloves (we like these 14 ounce gloves) and inexpensive hand wraps too. Don’t skip the wraps because they protect hand bones and wrists from injury. This bag has free shipping and comes with the hanging chain – keep in mind the shipping box will be heavy. All he’ll need is a basement or garage with about 4 feet of space on two sides of the bag and perhaps an Ali poster for inspiration. Everlast is made in the USA. Find it at Amzon…

Gin Making Kit

The Homemade Gin Kit

Make your own custom batch of Gin! How fun is that? The Homemade Gin Kit is a 6-piece set that claims you can, “Make Ridiculously Delicious Gin At Home”. We would agree that it’s a fun process and the gin has what we’d describe as an “interestingly good taste”. To make Gin you choose a vodka as a base – we prefer Deep Eddy or Titos, but any will do. Then follow the directions for juniper berries and botanicals. Makes for a great gift for the bartender or spirits love. Find it at Amazon…

Best Fire Pit Made In Usa

The Best Smokeless Fire Pit

Although the Solo Stove Bonfire Pit gets solid reviews it’s not made in USA and it’s made of thinner steel. The Double Flame Patio Fire Pit gets the best reviews, is much more rugged (it weighs twice as much), is still portable and is made in Pennsylvania. The height adjustable swing-away grill is excellent for that open flame flavor. The best part is that once it heats up there is virtually no smoke! Compared to the Solo, The Double Flame is a much better fire pit made of thick 304 stainless steel that will last for years. An awesome gift for any backyard. Find it at Amazon…

Best Gift For Fathers Day

The Best Hot Sauce Collection

Give the gift of The Good Hurt Hot Sauce Collection and everyone has fun. Try seven delicious hot sauces from subtle Garlic Herb on up to scorching melt-your-face-off Ghost Pepper.  There’s Chipotle pepper for tacos, Smokey Bourbon for BBQ, Garlic Herb for Pizza, Garlic Pepper for Wings, and Cayenne Pepper for eggs. A Flavor for every food! Clever packaging make it look like sticks of dynamite. Made in USA. Find it at Amazon…

Best Gift For A Man

A Great Book for the Outdoorsman

We received this book as a Christmas gift and it is packed with interesting survival information. For instance; catch game without a gun, learn what plants to eat (with illustrations), build a warm shelter, make clothing, protect yourself in the wild, how to signal for help, and much more. How to Stay Alive in the Woods is truly a lifesaver and a useful guide for every man will find interesting. Find it at Amazon…

Great Gift For Man Soap

Real Whiskey Soap

Smell like a man with REAL Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Soap. We would describe the smell as oaky, with vanilla and earthy spice tones, plus a hint of caramel. Very pleasing smell, nice lather, mild exfoliate, clean rinse. The bar is big and will go a long way – use for hand, body or face. This is made with real whiskey right here in the USA. Find it at…

Gift For Harley Lover

The American Legend

This Evil Knievel Vintage Poster is the same that hung in every boys room during the 70’s and 80’s. Evil was that badass. This replica shows him popping his trademark warm-up wheelie with California’s San Bernadino Mountains off in the distance. The paper is not really paper at all, but a tough fabric that won’t easily rip or tear. We hung ours on a metal door with a few of these stainless magnets (we use them around the shop). Bring the legendary American hero back. Install this in your workshop or mancave today. A great gift for the motorcycle lover. Find it at Amazon…

Best Gift Made In Usa

Perfect Gift for the Beer Lover

Brew your own beer the real way (with mash, sparge and wort.) The Brooklyn Brew Shop’s Beer Making Kit is a truly fun experience. Learn the process and make beer in about 3 hours, plus 2 weeks for fermentation. Makes one gallon or about 9 bottles. Use your own bottles or grab this reusable 6 pack (Don’t worry, six in enough, we mysteriously lost a few bottles in “quality control”). A highly recommended and reusable gift for men made in the USA. We recommend the IPA. Find it at Amazon…

The Motorcycle Man

Man of the month: This video embodies one example of an American made man. His name is Adam Cramer. In a Philadelphia garage he revives vintage motorcycles and the American tradition of grease-stained self-reliance. Enjoy.

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