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The Best U.S. Made Flashlight

The Best U.S. Made Flashlight

Have you checked out Maglite lately? They’re back and better than ever. The new Maglite ML300L LED is a great flashlight – beam distance of 412 meters (that’s over 1,350 feet) with 168 lumens and it lasts for 80 hours! You don’t need to buy some exotic flashlight from China to get awesome performance anymore. We own several older Maglites and brightness on these new LED versions is literally night and day. The 3 cell size has the best power-to-weight ratio. Check out the new camo pattern. Like most guys, we love flashlights – we own over 10 kinds and keep them in different places (truck, nightstand, boat, garage, etc). The ML300L is the same high quality anodized aluminum. Made in USA by 100% American workers. Find it at Amazon…

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