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Better Than Wd40

Unseize Like The Pros With Kroil Penetrant

Stuck bolt, seized shaft, rusty metal part? For years I’ve applied WD40, PB Blaster or Liquid Wrench with hit or miss results. This month, I tried Kroil (formerly called Aerokroil) and it is far superior, in fact it’s a bit amazing in its abilities. I work on boat engines, chainsaws and repair our John Deere tractors. Recently, I had a frozen muffler nut that would not budge until I hit it with Kroil. Worked! Everyone from aircraft mechanics to plumbers gives it 5 stars – because it works like no other. Also lubricates, prevents rust, removes corrosion and sticky stuff too. Proudly made in Nashville, Tennessee since 1939. Editor’s Choice. Find it at Amazon…

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