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Made in USA Tool

The Super Handy Little Leatherman Squirt

I’ve owned four Leatherman’s (including the original version made over 35 years ago) but this little Leatherman Squirt is easily the most handy, since it lives on my keychain. For me, it’s more useful than the pricier Leatherman Micra because it has needle nose pliers with built-in wire cutters too, which I use a lot. Plus, it has a better two-sided file. Small, light, perfect for Amazon boxes, filing your fingernails or defusing a bomb (always cut the red wire!) Perfect stocking stuffer for a man or woman. All Leatherman tools come with a 25 year warranty. Built in Portland, Oregon. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

Our Favorite American Made Tweezers

Our Favorite American Made Tweezers

I’m impressed with the ergonomics and pinpoint precision of these little tweezers. As a woodworker, I get lots of splinters and these perform perfectly! Uncle Bill’s Sliver Gripper’s small size and wider width let me grip close with accuracy – an intuitive tool that just feels right. Good for small work like tick removal, sewing or grabbing a brush hair out of a paint project. They click into a tip guard making them perfect to keep on a keychain. Made from high quality spring-tempered American stainless steel. Lifetime guarantee. Grab a three pack and give them for stocking stuffers. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

better than wd40

Unseize Like The Pros With Kroil Penetrant

Stuck bolt, seized shaft, rusty metal part? For years I’ve applied WD40, PB Blaster or Liquid Wrench with hit or miss results. This month, I tried Kroil (formerly called Aerokroil) and it is far superior, in fact it’s a bit amazing in its abilities. I work on boat engines, chainsaws and repair our John Deere tractors. Recently, I had a frozen muffler nut that would not budge until I hit it with Kroil. Worked! Everyone from aircraft mechanics to plumbers gives it 5 stars – because it works like no other. Also lubricates, prevents rust, removes corrosion and sticky stuff too. Proudly made in Nashville, Tennessee since 1939. Editor’s Choice. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

best edc pen for 2021

The Zero-Gravity Pen Originally Built for NASA Astronauts

I’ve kept a Fisher Space Pen in my front pocket for years. It’s perfectly balanced and fits into a pocket for every day carry. Originally designed for NASA, this pen writes on wet surfaces, dry surfaces, upside down, in extreme heat or cold (-30F), underwater and even in zero gravity. Closed it’s a short 3.75 inches, but for writing it grows to a comfortable 5 inches long. Made of brass and steel with a tungsten carbide tip. The replaceable ink cartridge lasts 3 times longer than most pens. Comes in many colors – our choice is the matte black with clip. Lifetime guarantee. Perfect EDC gift for a friend (or yourself). Made in USA. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

The Best Keychain Light

The Best Keychain Light Made in California

The Surefire Titan Plus Ultra-compact Keychain Light has crazy output for it’s small size. On high, it projects 300 lumens for 1 hour straight. On low it goes for 7 hours. Imagine illuminating over 200 feet with a tiny 3.5 inch light (same length as a business card). Made of nickel plated brass, rechargeable NiMH battery included, real world USA lifetime-warranty. A little more expensive, but easily 3 times better performance than most Chinese brands. Manufactured in Orange County, CA. The ultimate EDC keychain gift for the American made man or woman. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

best us made products

Our Favorite Made in USA Multitool

We’ve owned a stainless steel Leatherman Multitool for many, many years. The Leatherman Sidekick is the updated, more ergonomic version which includes the 14 most popular and useful tools all-in-one. The new spring action pliers are awesome, plus, the one-hand access is a great improvement. This is Leatherman’s best-selling model. Makes for a great value and an excellent made in USA gift. Comes with an integrated pocket clip, stainless caribiner, plus a separate nylon sheath to attach to your belt. 25-year warranty. Made in Portland Oregon. Find it at Amazon…

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made in usa flashlights

The Best U.S. Made Flashlight

Maglite is back and better than ever. Their new LED Maglite ML300L is excellent – beam distance of 1,350 feet with 168 lumens and lasts for 80 hours. You don’t need to buy some flashlight from China to get awesome performance anymore. We own several older Maglites and brightness on these new LED versions is literally night and day. The 3 cell size has the best power-to-weight ratio. Buy one for your truck, nightstand, boat, garage, or anywhere. Made of high quality anodized aluminum 100% in USA by American workers. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

best usa made knife

The Famous Buck 110

The Buck 110 Folding Knife has been a famous American icon for over 50 years. Your Dad probably had one, now it’s your turn. Made of 420HC stainless for excellent strength, edge retention and corrosion resistance. Easy to open with a nail notch on the blade. Lockback locks the blade open for safety while you work. Walnut handle and brass bolsters provide beauty and balance. Includes a genuine leather sheath with integrated belt loop. The 110 is perfect as a hunting companion or for general outdoor use. Made in USA. Buck Knives Forever Warranty. Find it at…

products made in usa

best American flag lighter

Zippo Windproof Lighter

Not sure what to buy a guy who has everything? Zippo Lighters are collectible, windproof, made in USA and come with a lifetime warranty – they will basically last forever. Grab some lighter fluid for about 5 bucks and you’ll never go back to the usual cheapo lighter. Flip the top open, light ‘er up and enjoy that great “zippo-click” every time. This one has a deep carve Armor case and comes with a gift box. Made in Bradford, PA. Find it at Amazon…

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best hatchet in usa

The Famous Estwing Hatchet

This little camp hatchet has been around for years and a couple of reasons why are its versatility and durability. The Estwing Sportsman’s Axe can chop kindling, split firewood, pound in stakes or tackle bigger jobs too. Since 1940 Estwing tools have been made in Rockford, Illinois. Drop-forged in one piece with US steel. Ballistic sheath included. Also available in a handsome black special edition version. An American classic that’s perfect by your woodstove or fireplace. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

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