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Our Favorite Punching Bag

Our Favorite Punching Bag

Every guy secretly wants a punching bag – we finally bought one and it’s an awesome workout. In only 10 minutes you’ll be entirely winded, your arms and shoulders will feel the burn and your boxing skills will have greatly improved. Everlast is a top name and the Everlast PowerCore Bag is their best value and comes pre-filled in either an 80 or 100 lb. option (we have the 100 pounder). Keep in mind, he’ll need boxing gloves (we like these 14 ounce gloves) and inexpensive hand wraps too. Don’t skip the wraps because they protect hand bones and wrists from injury. Right now, this bag has free shipping and comes with the hanging chain – keep in mind the shipping box will be heavy. All he’ll need is a basement or garage with about 4 feet of space on two sides of the bag and perhaps an Ali poster for inspiration. Everlast is made in the USA. Find it at Amzon…

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