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made in usa coat

The American Made Cattle Baron Drifter Coat

The cold weather is coming. Stay warm in The Cattle Baron Drifter Coat by Schaefer Outfitters, known worldwide for their premium ranch wear. Cozy, water repellent 24 ounce Melton wool plus quilted taffeta with SOTek insulated lining. Subtle Western yoke design on front and back. A storm flap covers the zipper which moves two ways to make sitting more comfortable, or for riding simply unsnap the riding vents. Brass Schaefer hardware. Collar trimmed with soft full grain leather. Hard to beat this coat for good looks, durability and warmth. Made in USA. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

hammock made in usa

The American Flag Hammock

The Grand Trunk American Flag Hammock is an awesome spot to kick back in American style. The Grand Trunk Company has been around for almost 20 years, so expect good quality and a lifetime warranty. The single size is perfect for one person, durable, triple-stitched – even after a year of use it’s still holding up perfectly. We have not tested this, but it’s rated to hold 400 lbs. Packs up small. Comes with carry pouch, nautical-grade carabiners and hanging rope. Hangs in about 1 minute. Makes for a good American made gift. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

American made bottle opener

The Drop Catch Opener

The Drop Catch Opener feels like a little magic trick every time you open a beer. Pop the top off your next beer and watch the cap drop and stop by a powerful hidden magnet. During a party it’s fun to see all the different caps that collect. Adults love it. Kids love it. Beer drinking pigs love it (yeah, they’re real). Made of stainless steel, American walnut hardwood and finished in lacquer. Mounts magnetically in seconds to your fridge (or any steel surface) or simply screw to a wall. Built by hand in Chicago. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

best American made blender

Our Amazing (U.S. Made) Blender

This Vitamix 750 Blender sits on our kitchen counter. The blades spin so fast it will bring cold ingredients to steaming hot in 6 minutes. We use it almost every day. It was expensive, but it’s awesome. Smooth, sturdy, fast and quiet. We own a Ninja and the Vitamix wins in every way – even cleaning it is easier. The Vitamix is a splurge for sure, but you won’t regret owning it. This amazing machine… makes ice cream, grinds coffee, kneads pizza dough, whips dressings and makes smoothies too. Designed and manufactured in Ohio. Editors’ Choice. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

made in usa hat

The Classic Stetson Open Road

The Stetson Open Road 6X is our favorite hat because it’s so versatile. The look is a cross between a classic cowboy and a fedora. Stetson says it will never go out of style and we can see why. You’ll see everyone from U.S. Presidents to ranchers and famous musicians wearing this hat. The 6X means it is 6 times the felt quality. It’s not flimsy felt, it’s stiff and keeps its shape even in wind. It may be hard to see, but the edge is nicely bound. Made by Stetson in Garland, Texas, the inventor of the cowboy hat – see how it’s made. Find yours at Stetson or Amazon…

products made in usa

Made in USA Sea Salt Soap

Made in USA Sea Salt Soap

We use Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap almost every day because it lathers up nicely and smells good. After a few washes the outer layer reveals random salt crystals that subtly exfoliate with rich, creamy lather. The smell is fresh, clean and invigorating… like the salty ocean air. It lasts quite a long time – sometimes we even shave with it. Made in the USA. Makes a great stocking stuffer for the guy who likes nautical items, the beach or being around the ocean. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

made in usa caps

Limited Edition Cap: Made in USA

Limited edition trucker style caps, made by hand in Texas. The American Made Cap Company sits on the plains of West Texas, they produce “the best hats in the business”. The Hooey Brand designs superior western style gear and they give back too (over $300,000 to Veterans and others in-need). That little bison on the side tells you it’s a Hooey American made cap. Pearl Beer, Lone Star Beer, Bison designs and more. Order yours before they are gone. Find it at

products made in usa

wallet made in usa

A Handcrafted Leather Wallet

Shown is the Tobacco Snakebite Brown Leather Wallet by Main Street Forge. Skilled craftsman use only the finest American leather to make handcrafted masterpieces and they do it here in the USA! The perfect gift for the American Man is this leather bi-fold wallet. They still make ’em like they used to. Rugged full-grain leather, great leather smell, lifetime warranty. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

made in usa gift

A Fun Gift For The Mancave

If you’re a wrench monkey like us, you’ll love The Craftsman Bottle Cap Wrench Opener. We have one of these in the shop, it hangs on a peg ready for action at the end of a long day. Everyone smiles when they pop off a bottle top because it’s such overkill. It’s real, it’s shiny, it’s steel, it’s heavy, it’s over-built, it’s Craftsman tough and it’s guaranteed for life… like all Craftsman tools. Made here in the USA. A great gift for any garage, mancave or for Father’s Day too. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

best made in usa ice cream scoop

The All American Scoop

As a kid, you may remember seeing a Classic Zeroll Scoop as you peered over the counter in the local ice cream parlor. They’re highly favored by the pros because they’re simply the best made. The special liquid in the handle transfers heat from your hand to smoothly slice out a scoop of ice cream. The large handle is comfortable and easily cuts into hard ice cream to pull perfectly round scoops every time. No parts to break and easy to clean too. Got an ice cream lover on your list? Try the Zerrol 1020 size which creates the perfect size sphere. Made in Florida. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

made in usa flashlights

The Best U.S. Made Flashlight

Maglite is back and better than ever. Their new LED Maglite ML300L is excellent – beam distance of 1,350 feet with 168 lumens and lasts for 80 hours. You don’t need to buy some flashlight from China to get awesome performance anymore. We own several older Maglites and brightness on these new LED versions is literally night and day. The 3 cell size has the best power-to-weight ratio. Buy one for your truck, nightstand, boat, garage, or anywhere. Made of high quality anodized aluminum 100% in USA by American workers. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

best punching bag usa

Our Favorite Punching Bag

Every guy wants a punching bag – we bought this one and it’s an awesome workout. In 10 minutes you’ll be winded, your arms and shoulders will burn and your boxing skills will have greatly improved. Everlast is a top name and The Everlast PowerCore Bag is their best value and comes pre-filled in either 80 or 100 lbs (we have the 100). You’ll need boxing gloves – like these like 14 oz gloves, get hand wraps to protect from hand and wrist injury. Free shipping plus hanging chain included. Grab an Ali poster for inspiration. Made in the USA. Find it at Amzon…

products made in usa

gin making kit

The Homemade Gin Kit

Make your own custom batch of gin! How fun is that? The Homemade Gin Kit is a 6-piece set that claims you can, “Make Ridiculously Delicious Gin At Home”. We would agree that it’s a fun process and the gin has what we’d describe as an “interestingly good taste”. To make gin you choose a vodka as a base – we prefer Deep Eddy or Titos, but any will do. Then follow the directions for juniper berries and botanicals. Makes for a great gift for the bartender or spirits lover. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

best usa whiskey glass

The Perfect Rocks Glass

The perfect whiskey glass, perfect weight and size that fits nicely in your hand. Each Integrity Bottles American Flag Whiskey Glass is sand-carved by hand with a deep etching that will never wear off, fade or wash off in the dishwasher. These USA made whiskey glasses also fit spherical ice balls, which slow down the dilution of your precious whiskey, bourbon or scotch. Great gift for the Veteran, 4th of July party or backyard BBQ. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

best smokeless fire pit

The Best Smokeless Fire Pit

Although the Solo Stove Bonfire Pit gets solid reviews, it’s not made in USA and it’s made of thinner steel. The Breeo Double Flame Patio Fire Pit gets the best reviews, is more rugged (it weighs twice as much), is still portable and is made in Pennsylvania. The height adjustable swing-away grill is excellent for that open flame flavor. The best part is that once it heats up there is virtually no smoke! Compared to the Solo, The Double Flame is better for the backyard, it’s made of thicker 304 stainless steel and will last for years. An awesome gift. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

best gift made in usa

The Best Hot Sauce Collection

Give the gift of The Good Hurt Hot Sauce Collection and everyone has fun. Try seven delicious hot sauces from subtle Garlic Herb (our favorite) on up to scorching melt-your-face-off Ghost Pepper (be careful).  There’s Chipotle Pepper for tacos, Smokey Bourbon for BBQ, Garlic Herb for Pizza, Garlic Pepper for Wings, and Cayenne Pepper for eggs. A Flavor for every food! Clever packaging make it look like sticks of dynamite. A great gift for the foodie that’s made in USA. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

great gifts for men

A Book for the Outdoorsman

We received this book as a Christmas gift and it is packed with interesting survival information. For instance; catch game without a gun, learn what plants to eat (with illustrations), build a warm shelter, make clothing, protect yourself in the wild, how to signal for help and much more. This is not a detailed bushcraft how-to book, it’s more humorous with tips that come from a nostalgic time period. How to Stay Alive in the Woods is an entertaining and useful guide for the survivor-at-heart. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

good gift for a man

Real Whiskey Soap

Smell like a man with real Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey Soap. We would describe the smell as oaky, with vanilla and earthy spice tones, plus a hint of caramel. Very pleasing smell, nice lather, mild exfoliate, clean rinse. The bar is big and will go a long way – use for hand, body or face. This is made with real whiskey right here in the USA. Find it at…

products made in usa

great gift for a guy

The American Legend

This Evel Knievel Vintage Poster is the same that hung in every young boy’s room during the 70’s and 80’s. Evel was that cool. This replica shows him popping his trademark warm-up wheelie with California’s San Bernadino Mountains off in the distance. The paper is not really paper at all, but a tough fabric that won’t easily rip or tear. We hung ours on a metal door with a few of these stainless magnets (we use them around the shop too). Bring the legendary American hero back. Install this in your workshop or mancave today. A great gift for the motorcycle lover. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

good gift for a man

The Perfect Beer Lover Gift

Brew your own beer the real way (with mash, sparge and wort.) The Brooklyn Brew Shop’s Beer Making Kit is a truly fun experience. Learn the process and make beer in about 3 hours, plus 2 weeks for fermentation. Makes one gallon or about 9 bottles. Use your own bottles or grab this reusable 6 pack (Don’t worry, six is enough, we mysteriously lost a few bottles in “quality control”). A highly recommended and reusable gift for men made in the USA. We recommend the IPA. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

best gift for poker player

The Best Playing Cards

Monarch Playing Cards are the finest cards we have ever owned. They play so silky smooth they practically shuffle themselves. The vintage detail is incredible to behold which may be why they were featured in the heist movie ‘Now You See Me‘. Got a Texas Holdem poker player in your world? Get them these – we guarantee they will be impressed. Made in USA. Find it at amazon…

products made in usa

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