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made in usa necktie

The American Made Tie

Why are ties so boring? In 1995, Josh Bach pondered that question. Now, celebrities, scientists, astronomers, governors and quite simply, men that want more interesting ties are all wearing his ties. They make people smile. They’re featured in museums, on TV, in movies and in fine stores everywhere. The Dog Plays Frisbee Tie is one such tie and is a perfect gift for the dog lover. Each tie is made from imported silk and hand-finished in New York. Say goodbye to boring and tie one on. Made in USA. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

gift for patriots fab

The American Made Tumbler

Love football, baseball, fishing and America? There’s a USA Made Tervis Tumbler for you. Rugged, stylish, keeps drinks cold or hot. Great gifts for guys. These glasses resist sweating too, which means no water rings on your furniture. Well worth the cost. At the end of the day these will keep ice in your drink for hours, really. We use them daily and highly recommend. Lifetime Warranty. Made in USA. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

best leather keychain made in usa

US Made Leather Keychain

The Leather Valet Keychain is the perfect inexpensive gift for any guy – this gift will last a lifetime. In fact, it comes with a lifetime warranty from Relentless Tactical. Each is handmade with bull hide leather in the USA by real craftsmen. Attach to your belt to keep keys out of your pocket – uses a quick release J clip for quick detachment. A great gift for Father’s Day, stocking stuffer or birthday gift. Makes for a nice “knife dangler” too. Order in handsome brown or black. Highly recommended. Made in USA. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

gifts for men

Little Green Men

Grown men still like little green army guys — toys like these remind us of our carefree childhood days playing in the backyard. We might not have time to play anymore, but these collectible heroes are perfect for our desk, truck, dashboard or glued to the motorcycle handlebar. This bag has 40 guys – in case a few go MIA you’re still going to win the war. Each one is 2.5″ long and classic army green in color. Fun stocking-stuffer gift proudly made by BMC in the USA. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

best us made headphones

The Best USA Headphones

Grado SR80e Prestige Series Headphones are American made headphones. And they are amazing headphones no matter what country they were made in. Don’t take our word for it, reviewers and audiophiles around the world routinely use words like “punchy, rich, detailed, clear, natural, deep bass”. Even in 2020, these are still made in New York by Grado Labs since 1953. Upgrade your cheap headphones and experience the difference of deep, rich, open-sound stage USA made headphones. A great gift for the audiophile, a great American made gift. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

The Best Lifetime Boots

The Best Lifetime Boots

Harrison Ford wears their Oxfords. Presidents wear their hunting boots. The list goes on. Since 1898, The Russell Moccasin Company is one rare U.S. company that still make by hand in their Wisconsin factory, boots, shoes, and moccasins. Each pair is custom fitted and hand-made by talented, experienced craftsmen on traditional machinery. Featured here are their new Safari PH which uses tan Cape Buffalo hide, antique brass studs and Poron cushioned sole for walking those long miles. These are the finest made boots in the world.

products made in usa

best made in usa blanket

The Pendleton Twin Camp Blanket

Soft, famously durable and warm, The Pendleton Twin Wool Camp Blanket is a lifetime purchase. Make a fire and grab the blanket until it warms up. We have one my mother bought as birthday gift, now years later my daughter has “acquired” it. Originally made for cold Pacific Northwest nights, and still woven there today. These blankets are perfect for a camp and look great on the couch. A rugged, soft family heirloom proudly made in the USA that will last a lifetime. Comes in Green Heather, Lake, and Mineral Umber (shown). Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

best usa made knife

The Famous Buck 110

The Buck 110 Folding Knife has been a famous American icon for over 50 years. Your Dad probably had one, now it’s your turn. Made of 420HC stainless for excellent strength, edge retention and corrosion resistance. Easy to open with a nail notch on the blade. Lockback locks the blade open for safety while you work. Walnut handle and brass bolsters provide beauty and balance. Includes a genuine leather sheath with integrated belt loop. The 110 is perfect as a hunting companion or for general outdoor use. Made in USA. Buck Knives Forever Warranty. Find it at…

products made in usa

best American flag lighter

Zippo Windproof Lighter

Not sure what to buy a guy who has everything? Zippo Lighters are collectible, windproof, made in USA and come with a lifetime warranty – they will basically last forever. Grab some lighter fluid for about 5 bucks and you’ll never go back to the usual cheapo lighter. Flip the top open, light ‘er up and enjoy that great “zippo-click” every time. This one has a deep carve Armor case and comes with a gift box. Made in Bradford, PA. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

best American made vest

The Schaefer McClure Vest

When there is a chill in the air The Schaefer McClure Vest is there for you. Comes in Herringbone pattern or solid colors (the one shown is Taupe). There is a premium taffeta lining that makes the vest go on smooth and allows unrestricted movement. The vest has a flattering tailored fit due to the elasticized back. Four outside pockets and two inside. Solid brass buttons with the Schaefer logo. Made in Fort Worth, Texas. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

best movie star sunglasses

Classic Randolph Aviators

If you’re a movie star you own Randolph Aviators. These are the understated American classic seen in war movies, romantic movies and spy movies. In fact, Navy pilots and Army helicopter pilots both wear Randolph’s polarized matte chrome 52mm Aviators. All manufacturing processes take place at the company’s 22,000 sq. ft. facility in the U.S. Randolph Engineering also produces their own high-strength solder flux, and every pair of their glasses comes with a lifetime replacement warranty for every solder joint. A great gift for any man. Made in Randolph, MA. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

The Best Planner For Guys

The Best Planner For Guys

If you’re not a very good planner (like me) the Field Notes 56 Week Planner will help you stay organized. Start using it anytime by writing in today’s date. Use for a workout routine, fishing log, to do reminders and much more. Dead simple to use, good paper, easy-open double spiral bound, and a perfect size that fits in your hand. Who knows, this may be the planner you’ve been looking for, the one that finally keeps you organized enough to relax and take your Tankara Fishing vacation.  Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

best boots made in usa

The Frye Arkansas Boot

There are plain old shit-kicker boots and then there are real boots. Since 1863 Frye has been making boots in the USA. We’ve owned several pair of biker boots back in the 80’s and can attest – they are good quality and last a long time. The Frye Arkansas Mid Lace Boot is a traditional work boot, made for any situation. Made of rugged, heavily oiled suede, leather laces and a rubber sole, a full-length leather sockliner for breathability, and a cushioned insole for comfort. We like the contrasting stitching and that the soles have just enough tread for streetwear. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

socks made in USA

The Best Hiking Socks

Darn Tough Micro Crew Socks are the best outdoorsman socks we have found. In winter, Merino wool will keep your feet cozy, warm, dry, and repel water and moisture. In summer, it repels moisture to ensure your feet stay dry and not sweaty. This sock is naturally antimicrobial, which repels bacteria and odor. Made with 61% Merino Wool, 33% Nylon, and 3% Lycra. American service members serving abroad love receiving these premium-made socks as a gift, as they are significantly better than standard issued socks. Money-back guarantee. Made in Northfield, VT. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

made in usa clippers

Smart Nail Clippers

Unlike ordinary nail clippers that launch your clippings across the room, The “No-Mes” Nail Clipper catches them! Made entirely from heat treated surgical stainless steel with cutting edges that are precision ground. Designed and manufactured in the USA to last forever and guaranteed for life. Perfect practical stocking stuffer. Say goodbye to toe nail clippings on the floor. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

real made in usa shirt

100% Made In USA Shirt

Believe it or not, buying a t-shirt that is made 100% in the USA ain’t easy, but this one is. Black “Made in America” t-shirt with sleeve flag is 100% pre-shrunk cotton, screen printed on front and arm, USA flag woven into label. The arm flag is going the correct (backwards) direction – historically the standard bearer charged, and his forward momentum caused the flag to stream back. You want to buy American. Well, here’s your chance to own a t-shirt that is made in U.S.A. Made in Ballston Spa, NY. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

gift for spy guy

The Spy Bolt

Hide stuff inside a real bolt! The Spy Bolt is an updated and improved version of the old Soviet KGB “dead drop” hollow bolt used during the Cold War. It features an O-ring seal for weather-proof storage of small valuables, communications, etc. It has reverse threading on the bolt head for additional security. This new version utilizes a 3/4″ diameter bolt providing a larger storage area than the original. Its secret storage compartment has a diameter of .49″ and a maximum depth of 2.7″. Overall length is 3.43″. This is a great gift for guys. Made in Bellingham, Washington. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

best flask for camping

Our Favorite Flask Made in America

The Nalgene 12 Oz Flask is the best flask for many reasons. First, you can actually see if it’s clean – unlike most flasks. Second, the sheath comes off so you can mix drinks in it or use it like a cup. What other flask allows you to use the exterior to mix a rum and coke? Third, the top doubles as a shot glass. Fourth, the material won’t taint the contents because it’s BPA-free and made of PET. Fifth, it is leak proof. Sixth, it is made here in the USA (most flasks are made in China). Choose red or blue, or support America and buy one of each. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

flowfold wallet

Flowfold Minimalist Wallet

Ready for a new wallet? Or, one that takes up a lot less space? The Flowfold Wallet is made from carbon fiber repurposed racing sails (perhaps the toughest and lightest material on earth). Thin as a credit card and so light it floats. Holds up to 11 credit cards plus cash. Designed by surfers and handmade in Maine USA. Super thin, light, durable and built to last. This may be the perfect Christmas present or holiday gift for your man. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

best mans keychain

The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

The clean, strong, efficient design of the Craighill Brass Keyring is hard to beat. It’s made of thick 1/8” solid brass to create a secure ring for your keys. Holds many keys, easily. There are keyring versions with enamel strips in red, white, blue or black. These strips can be used for identification or simply to match your style. The white enamel is our favorite. Designed and made in Connecticut and New York by Craghill, a design and manufacturing company. The perfect stocking stuffer for a man. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

best hatchet in usa

The Famous Estwing Hatchet

This little camp hatchet has been around for years and a couple of reasons why are its versatility and durability. The Estwing Sportsman’s Axe can chop kindling, split firewood, pound in stakes or tackle bigger jobs too. Since 1940 Estwing tools have been made in Rockford, Illinois. Drop-forged in one piece with US steel. Ballistic sheath included. Also available in a handsome black special edition version. An American classic that’s perfect by your woodstove or fireplace. Find it at Amazon…

products made in usa

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